Have you taken the pledge yet? As part of Reuse Month October, CRNI with the Regional Authorities are inviting everyone to take a reuse pledge, to challenge yourself to reuse more for a week or a month. There are five pledges to choose from, from committing to only drinking from reusable cups and bottles to repairing rather than replacing.

Sign up here (http://bit.ly/2cCyGCc) and you will receive ideas and tips on how to do these and don’t forget to share your experiencese on #reuse16! Keep an eye out in your local library too for instagram frames to snapshot you with your pledge.

Thank you to everyone who took the pledgein the Global Green over the weekend – and at the #reuse16 launch yesterday! Do share on facebook, twitter & instagram how you get on and keep an eye on facebook, twitter & instagram as will the waste regions here & here.

  • August 21, 2016

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