Reuse & Recycling during COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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We invite you to get creative, prioritise second hand goods, learn and continue to support and engage in reuse and recycling during this challenging period. Here are the ways you can work with CRNI Members to help contribute to a just and inclusive Circular transition. 

Reuse & Recycling Inspiration


Follow ReCreate’s wonderful Creative Corner series of six-minute videos on creative reuse available here.

These videos cover a range of themes to give you and your family an idea of different activities to take part in from the comfort of your own home. Whether you have access to ReCreate materials, or just working with items you have discovered around your house, these sessions are simple and easy to take part in. 


Follow the Rediscovery Centre’s Rediscover @ Home month-long video series here. Uploaded daily, these will go behind the scenes at the Rediscovery Centre and share tips on sustainability and upcycling, provide online tours of the centre and deliver some curriculum-led educational tutorials. 

You can also watch the Rediscovery Centre’s top tips on french polishing, upholstery & upcycling on Ireland AM TV here. Finally, their News page has fantastic reuse information and tips here


Join Sustainable Fashion Dublin’s Patreon page here for positive and encouraging creative content every week including tutorials, recipes, virtual sewing and much, much more.


Learn more about food waste with the amazing FoodCloud in RTE’s Changing Ireland – My Big Idea programme here


The RecycleIT blog is chockablock with excellent recycling information and tips. Take a read here.

See also our videos page here for more upcycling inspiration, tips on reuse, info about the Circular Economy and more.

Second hand goods - paint, arts & crafts, books, clothes & more


Thriftify has added to its growing fashion selection online and now sells books, media, fashion and accessories and is a great way to continue to support your favourite charity shops. Their work with NCBI was showcased on RTE here as one of the 5 positive things happening in Ireland right now.

Visit the online store here. 

How to keep supporting reuse & temporary measures


Nearly all charity shops have suspended trading and do not know when their shops will reopen. Charity shops work with people who face difficulties in their lives every day, and these are made more challenging with the risk of Covid-19. 

Please continue support your local charity via:

  • Online donations
  • Saving your decluttered clothing or household goods until your local shop re-opens (or place it in a textile bank with an Irish Charity Shops Association logo). Please do not leave them outside a closed charity shop.
  • Consider volunteering once shops re-open


FoodCloud is providing surplus food and supporting its network of 500+ Community Groups to feed people in need during this challenging time.

Please consider making a donation to this super organisation here.


FreeTrade Ireland lets you pass on and pick up items for free here

Now is a good time to clean out the attic, clean, and photograph items you wish to pass on.


Many cafes (not all) in the Conscious Cup Campaign, are restricting customer’s reusable cups as a temporary measure to minimise contact during an unprecedented emergency situation. It is not permanent and we encourage you to return to normal reuse practice once this is all over. 

In the meantime, you can continue to support your local cafe and reuse by asking your barista to make your favourite coffee drink in a for here cup and transfer it yourself into your reusable cup to bring home. 

Find out more here

Job opportunities


Bryson Recycling is currently recruiting up to 50 operational posts. They can offer various roles ranging from short term temporary work to permanent contracts. Immediate starts available. Casual Permanent posts available.

If you or your family members have been impacted due to recent events and are looking for work, they want to help.

Please complete a brief application here.


FoodCloud is hiring four new operatives for our warehouses in Cork, Galway and Dublin to maintain services to their 500+ charities. 

Apply here.

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