Innovation Corner


Pop up stores

NCBI have developed a case study on sharing experiences of the pop up store Renewed, which operated thorugout December 2020 on Gratfon Street. Download here. CRNI also ran a pop up store as part of a Green Enterprise project and the report can be found here.

Pick up Box

A Pick-up box service is being trialled at Nihtisilla Recycling Center, in Finland. The pick-up box is a smart compartment into which, for example, goods sold at an online second hand market can be brought for the buyer to pick up. Using the pick-up box is free of charge during the trial of the service.

Mobile Repair Cafe

Solidança in Spain has developed a #ReparaTruck, a free public service funded by municipalities to promote the repair and durability of small appliances, computers and bicycles. With the Reparatruck they teach people how to repair and extend the useful life of their goods.


Fleece Upcycling

Cooperative Insieme, a RREUSE member, has launched a project “New is Over” upcycling fleece. For more see here here

Carpet to Rug Reuse

Relay Rugs transform carpet offcuts it into stylish, hand-finished rugs & runners. See here 

Workwear Reuse

Re:Form in the UK rebrands, debrands and remanufactures corporate workwear into a range products and resources for community benefit. For more see here

Furniture & Equipment

Office Refurbishment

Rype Office is a social enterprise in the UK furnishing and refurbishing offices through remanufacturing high quality used furniture and creating exciting furniture from waste (e.g. plastic). 

Medical equipment

Envie Autonomie facilitates the re-use and repair of medical equipment, reducing costs for those struggling with permanent or physical disabilities. They sell, install and maintain quality second-hand mobility and personal care equipment equpiment, home furnishings and more at 50 – 70 % cheaper than new. 

Pram Project

The Pram Project is a social enterprise making the re-use of prams and pushchairs the new normal by repairing and cleaning pre-loved items to the Revolve standard and selling, repairing, maintaning and renting them for families in the Glasgow area.

Sports Equipment

France is seeing a boom in sports reuse centres. Organisations like Recyclerie Sportive, which now has two premises in Paris and a third in Bordeaux, provides sports equipment with a second life at affordable prices through reuse or through upcycling.

Toy Spare Parts

Toy Rescue lets you find spare parts for any toy or game, and print them using 3D printing technology. The platform is provided by Dagoma, a 3Dprint solutions provider.


Reuse in demolition

The Baukarussel project in Austria is a consortium involved in the planning and implementation of recovery-oriented demolitions through social urban mining. This includes advice, physical extraction and a marketplace for used fittings and DIY goods. 

Whole House Reuse

Whole House Reuse involved the entire material of a single home, otherwise destined for waste, being deconstructed and transformed into beautiful and purposeful artefacts in New Zealand. Nearly 400 objects were created by reusing every single piece of the 1920’s weatherboard home to  celebrate design and craft. 

Wood Reuse

Move On Wood offer a waste wood collection service and use this to provide a wide range of high quality, reclaimed wood and timber as well as create upcycled home and garden furniture, including coffee tables, shelves and planters. For more see here.


Belfast Tool Library

Just like a library for books, at Belfast Tool Library you can borrow tools for up to a week and then bring them back for someone else to use. Members pay a small fee to help cover costs , agree to a Lending Policy and Membership Agreement. These guidelines keep everyone safe and protect the future of the tool library. 

Community Fridges

Community fridges are spaces where everyone can donate, share or take surplus food, and each fridge can save up to 4 tonnes of food every month. There are now 100 community fridges across the UK and Northern Ireland – see map here or watch video here. Paritcular liability issues face community fridges in Ireland. If you are interested in setting one up contact [email protected].

Party Box Rentals

Jiminy has set up “Rainbow Rentals” – a community initiative to put a reusable party kit into every locality, so that borrowing and reusing – not buying and disposing – become the new normal for kids’ parties. Here’s where they’re all based…get in touch to donate reusable partyware or to borrow a kit! Anyone is invited to become a host – contact [email protected] for more.

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Our funders

EPA Circular Economy Programme

CRNI supports its members and works to mainstream reuse thanks to core funding provided by the EPA under the Circular Economy Programme.

For more information about the programme see here.

Project Funding

Waste Regions Logos

Green + Social Virtual Trade Fair

CRNI’s Green + Social Virtual Trade Fair is funded by Ireland’s Regional Waste Management Plan Offices. This innovative virtual platform is open 24/7 and gives visitors the opportunity to explore green and social procurement opportunities provided by reuse, repair and recycling social enterprises and community-based organisations across Ireland.

Access the Green + Social Virtual Trade Fair here.

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