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Each EU citizen consumes a staggering 26 kg of textiles per year on average with the textile supply chain responsible for 15 % of primary raw material consumption of EU households[i]. The ‘fast fashion’ phenomenon shapes the way we consume clothes and has soared per capita sales[ii]. Overconsumption and insufficient regulation on circularity has led to increased volumes of low quality textiles, unfit for re-use let alone recycling.

With textiles rightly rising as a key priority under the new European Commission[iii] this document outlines RREUSE’s vision on how to achieve a more inclusive and circular textile sector[iv] that prioritises re-use and emphasises the role of social enterprises in the value chain as part of the solution. This paper also provides a number of key recommendations as to what specific actions the Commission should address when developing policy initiatives for the sector.

Click here for the full vision (PDF)

  • December 20, 2019

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