Our mission

To reduce food waste in Ireland, help people to become aware of the impact of food waste on our environment, society and climate. We want to open the conversation with civil society and alleviate some of the confusion that acts as a catalyst for food waste and loss in Ireland.

Diversion Green is a Social Enterprise which offers “Food Waste Prevention & Education Services” through facilitated workshops and client lead contact Audits. Diversion Green is currently working on aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals’ 2030 SDG 1 No Poverty, SDG 2 Zero Hunger, SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and production, SDG 13 Climate Action, SDG 14 Life below Water, SDG 15 Life On Land.

In the beginning it was called “The Food Waste Diversion Project” it was set up in reaction to the amount of food waste that is generated in Ireland, after completing a post-grad in The innovation Academy in 2018, Diversion was founded. After nearly three years of ongoing research to date around food waste In Ireland, the qualitative responses told me that “Confusion” was one of the contributing factors that cerate’s the “Food Waste Mountain”.

Diversion Green wants to combat some of the confusion by helping people at home, at work, in business to prevent food waste, make compost and brown bin successfully. Food waste is complex issue and it has many layers of reasons as to why we had 1.1 million Tonnes of food waste in 2016 (EPA).


162 Ardmore Park,

Bray, County Wicklow

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Diversion Green offers food waste audits, food waste prevention plans, workshops, challenges, talks to open the conversation around food waste and works with clients to educate them and to show people how to prevent food waste, make compost and how to brown bin successfully as a last resort.

Diversion Green promotes “Climate Action” through Food waste prevention, it is something every person at home at work or at school can take part in. Sometimes food waste is a choice, sometimes it is not. Valuing and managing our resources while re-thinking food waste and treating it as a resource can help us to reduce the Food Waste Mountain in Ireland and align with SDG Goal 12.3 to halve Food loss and waste. At Diversion Green we are very fond of the full circle method especially for Households.

Diversion Green is not reusing, upcycling, recycling any materials as such but we do show households, community groups, schools how to make compost with their unavoidable food waste which we see as resource not a waste. We are advocates for less brown bin usage and more compost making so we love the idea of turn it brown turn it green again.

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Our funders

EPA National Waste Prevention Programme

CRNI supports its members and works to mainstream reuse thanks to core funding provided by the EPA under the National Waste Prevention Programme.

For more information about the programme see here.

Project Funding

Pilot Northern Ireland Reuse and Repair Network

CRNI received funding from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and rural Affairs in 2020 to carry out a pilot establishing a reuse and repair network in Northern Ireland.

For more information about the project see here.

Circular Textiles

CRNI is leading an EPA Green Enterprise project Circular Textiles, which will test the impact of three different separate collection systems for textiles and explore how we could manage the additional quantity of textiles that are collected. This project will be concluded in 2022.

For more information about the project see here.