At Green Bubble, we are providing Ireland a solution to the problem of plastic by diverting it away from landfill, incineration, waste-to-energy and export. Every part of Green Bubble’s process creates a positive impact, either environmentally or socially.

Green Bubble have teamed up with Sunflower Recycling. They are a social economy business working with long term unemployed individuals, most are from disadvantage backgrounds with little or no education. They also work with individuals that would suffer with alcohol or drug abuse. Their aim is to train and progress them into employment.

Firstly, we collect used bubble wrap from two large furniture warehouses in Dublin. By collecting this ‘waste’, we are diverting it away from incineration and export which helps to reduce carbon emissions. We then ensure that the bubble wrap is clean and dry, remove any excess tape, and then finally roll it back up into various lengths. We currently sell the used material to self-storage units, artists, ceramicists, SMEs, and people moving homes. We have also worked closely with the Rediscovery Centre, The Earthy Marketplace, and Fingal County Council to connect and educate local businesses in material reuse. To date, we have diverted over 4500m sq. (over three tonnes) away from incineration and recycling – that’s also 4500m sq. of virgin bubble wrap that hasn’t been consumed.

We hope to continue our valued partnership with Sunflower Recycling and by doing this, we are having an impact socially on individuals, reducing our CO2 footprint whilst adding value to materials already in use.

Head Office: Botanic Rd, Dublin, Ireland D09 Y7C2

Tel      (085) 264 4505

Email  info [at]

Diverts plastic away from landfill

Packaging that's good for you and the planet.

Order used clean and dry bubble wrap

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Our funders

EPA Circular Economy Programme

CRNI supports its members and works to mainstream reuse thanks to core funding provided by the EPA under the Circular Economy Programme.

For more information about the programme see here.

Project Funding

Waste Regions Logos

Green + Social Virtual Trade Fair

CRNI’s Green + Social Virtual Trade Fair is funded by Ireland’s Regional Waste Management Plan Offices. This innovative virtual platform is open 24/7 and gives visitors the opportunity to explore green and social procurement opportunities provided by reuse, repair and recycling social enterprises and community-based organisations across Ireland.

Access the Green + Social Virtual Trade Fair here.

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