Our mission

Map all of Ireland’s publicly accessible current drinking water tap and station locations.

Encourage voluntary partner business’s to pledge to provide FREE, no quibble, tap water to peoples reusable bottles.

Make FREE tap drinking water accessible at least every 400 metres in our towns and cities.

Encourage local authorities and water utilities to bring back and refurbish our public drinking water taps.

Refill Ireland is an environmental project aiming to make Irish towns and cities tap water refill friendly for everyone while on the go (like the old days!). We locate and encourage the creation of locations where filling your reusable water bottle for FREE from an increasing number of refill stations becomes an easy to do everyday habit helping hydration and ultimately protecting our environment from bottle waste.

Our aim is to substantially reduce the amount of, and dependence on, consuming our drinking water in single use plastic bottles. Alongside their hard plastic tops, as everyone knows they frequently end up littering our streets, waterways, beaches, coastlines and seas.

Ireland has some of the highest quality tap drinking water in the world which we now pay for through water charges in our general taxation from the year 2017. We also have some of the least numbers of publicly available drinking water taps in our streets and parks of any country in Europe making us wholly dependent on the frequent buying of a single use plastic bottle when outside our homes.

When companies won’t even create biodegradable drinking water bottles for us, we need to take action on the number one waste type found by tidy towns committees on their litter picks around Ireland.


Ballyboden Road, Rathfarnham

Tel 087 05 25449
Email info [at] refill.ie
Web refill.ie/


Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
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Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm


You can use TAP MAP on Refill.ie to locate publicly available drinking water taps including our participating partner businesses which include cafes, bars, shops, restaurants, galleries, museums, barbers, dentists, tourist informaton booths, surgeries and more who happily display the Refill.ie sticker in their windows.

This invites us all to refill our own reusable water bottle with either filtered or unfiltered tap water for FREE. Simply request a refill from a staff member and the participating businesses will be happy to oblige you – no quibbles and no questions asked.

Another plastic bottle prevented from reaching our environment. As well as saving the energy (and water) taken to source, manufacture, store and transport the bottle plus the energy used after purchase (if in the correct bin) to ship it to Asia for recycling!! Where a FREE alternative exists, this is crazy, yes?

Just one thing – we do ask people to kindly respect that lots of our voluntary participating partners are private commercial business’s who are providing this FREE service through genuine goodwill and a commitment to the Irish environment and peoples health, and that support is reciprocated when and where you can so that the cycle of local business support for our environment can continue.

To contact us at Refill.ie please click the button below and simply fill out the form for your queries, comments, tips or tap snaps or email us at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you!.

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Our funders

EPA National Waste Prevention Programme

CRNI supports its members and works to mainstream reuse thanks to core funding provided by the EPA under the National Waste Prevention Programme.

For more information about the programme see here.

Project Funding

Pilot Northern Ireland Reuse and Repair Network

CRNI received funding from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and rural Affairs in 2020 to carry out a pilot establishing a reuse and repair network in Northern Ireland.

For more information about the project see here.

Circular Textiles

CRNI is leading an EPA Green Enterprise project Circular Textiles, which will test the impact of three different separate collection systems for textiles and explore how we could manage the additional quantity of textiles that are collected. This project will be concluded in 2022.

For more information about the project see here.