Our mission

Our platform connects charity shops with consumers who care, helping to bring about a sustainable fashion movement while growing funding for great causes.

As a social enterprise, we’re on a mission to help charitable retailers generate the true value of their donations. By valuing and selling things online, charities can earn millions in additional income each year. But as with all good ideas, there’s a challenge – the online environment is becoming more and more complex. To be successful online, businesses need to be creative, competitive, data-driven, media friendly, social and so much more. Thriftify enables charities to easily access all of this expertise. We’ve combined the critical elements of e-commerce in to an easy to use platform. Our platform automatically values, prices and uploads your items for sale. Not only that but we also market the product to make sure it reaches that niche who prefer to buy from charity shops.


You can access the Thriftify online shop any time.


Thriftify is an online double-sided marketplace that helps charities realise the true value of unsold donated stock, including books, CDs, console games and fashion.

Thriftify has taken all of the complexities and challenges of selling online and combined them to create the charity retail platform. It is currently available to charity retailers and other ethical enterprises who want to sell online.  The software makes it simple for volunteers working in charity shops to decide whether the item could get a better value on the Thriftify platform and to upload it.


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