Green Public Procurement is high on the Climate Action Plan and Circular Economy agenda. The public and private sectors have significant potential to invest in more socially responsible, resource-efficient, less polluting goods, services and works within the marketplace.


For more about Circular and Social procurement see here.


CRNI Members provide prevention, reuse, repair and recycling goods and services with a social impact, through their social enterprises, charities and voluntary organisations.

Surplus Food and Drink

Farms, food manufacturers and distributors can donate surplus food to FoodCloud to redistribute to charities and community organisations. Food accepted is listed here.

Cafes and food retailers can participate in a nation-wide programme and learn more about waste prevention through reuse with the Conscious Cup Campaign.

IT equipment

Unwanted IT equipment can be donated for reuse and refurbishment (or recycling) to:

Furniture & Fit-outs

If you have a large donation of furniture contact CRNI directly on info [at] or see here for possible approaches.

If you are refurbishing or moving into a new space, consider procuring second hand and upcycled furniture and paint for some or all of your requirements. An example of an office space provided with 100% upcycled furniture through public procurement by CRNI members is available here

The Upcycling Project provides schools, communities and learning centers with 100% upcycled fit-outs for unique spaces.

To source individual items of furniture, or to refurbish furniture see here.

Creative Materials & Paint

Businesses can donate clean, end of line, surplus and unwanted materials and items  to ReCreate for creative reuse. 

Childcare services, schools, community and youth groups and arts organisations can source affordable and accessible art materials and educational supplies from ReCreate for free in unlimited quantities when they become a member. Find out about membership here.  

Communities can buy recycled and reblended paint from Rediscover paint the Rediscovery Centre Eco Store in Dublin for €1 per 1 Litre. Please note they do not accept paint for recycling. 

Mattress Recycling

EcoMattress Recycling provides a collection service to all commercial mattress customers (Dublin and surrounds). Contact 018 603 619 or info [at] for a quote.

BounceBack Recycling provides a collection service to business clients from both public and private organisations. Contact 091 760877 for a quote. 

USEL is the only organisation in Northern Ireland recycling mattresses and works in partnership with Councils, Universities, Retailers and the Hospitality sector.

Electrical, carpet & other recycling

RecycleIT can offer business organisations a cost effective and efficient recycling collection service in Dublin for electrical, electronic and metal.

Usel are the only carpet recycling provider in Ireland.  The carpets are collected from amenity sites in Northern Ireland and brought to Belfast for quality checking, baling and shipping for 100% recycling.

Bryson Recycling delivers high quality, efficient and cost effective recycling services including commercial collections in Northern Ireland and recycling centres in Donegal (see here for details).

Workshops & Events

ReCreate runs tailored workshops for businesses on creative reuse for all groups and ages.

The Rediscovery Centre offers workshops tailored for business needs – find out more here as well as room hire at their Ballymun facility here.

Education Programmes

The Rediscovery Centre offers primary, secondary and tertiary education programmes – find out more here

For more information about the goods and services our members offer to individuals, please visit our directory here.

Sign up to our quarterly newsletter for more information on reuse and recycling and be part of Ireland’s only reuse and recycling network. For information about our privacy practices, see here.

Our funders

EPA Circular Economy Programme

CRNI supports its members and works to mainstream reuse thanks to core funding provided by the EPA under the Circular Economy Programme.

For more information about the programme see here.

Project Funding

Waste Regions Logos

Green + Social Virtual Trade Fair

CRNI’s Green + Social Virtual Trade Fair is funded by Ireland’s Regional Waste Management Plan Offices. This innovative virtual platform is open 24/7 and gives visitors the opportunity to explore green and social procurement opportunities provided by reuse, repair and recycling social enterprises and community-based organisations across Ireland.

Access the Green + Social Virtual Trade Fair here.

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