Reuse Month 2018 was brought to you by the Regional Waste Management Offices and CRNI

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Toolkits were provided for individuals, communities and business to get involved  in Reuse Month 2018.

We hope you found your reuse inspiration here!


Looking for ways to take simple individual action? Try the following:

* Courses offered by e.g. Rediscovery Centre or Training Boards (e.g, GRETB)

* See ICSA or social enterprises in Dublin, Limerick, Kerry, Longford, Cork

* e.g. See WeShare 

* See Conscious Cup & Refill Ire campaigns

* See videos page here

** See 2017 pledge here

* Find them here

* See videos page here

** See here or contact [email protected] 


Interested in doing an event or activity in Reuse Month 2018? Select from the options below for inspiration & ideas.

* Courses offered by e.g. Rediscovery Centre or Training Boards (e.g, GRETB)

* See video page here

** See media & resources page here

* See media page here

** Find events near you here

Bring Reuse into Your Business

Want to become a more Circular business? Here are a few simple ways to engage during reuse month for your business and your staff.

* Try Rediscovery Centre & ReCreate for courses

* See Rehab Recycle & Camara for equipment; FoodCloud; ReCreate 

* For more information get in touch with us [email protected]

* See video page here

* See media & resources page here

* See media & resources page here

** See here for more information

Got suggestions you think we could to add to this list? Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]

For more inspiration check out our events and activities calendar here.

More Reuse Month events are being added every day so check back again for more events.

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