Our main vision is an Ireland where the word 'Waste' doesn’t exist and where our entire community benefits from the social, environmental and economic value of all reusable resources.

Here are some of the things we do:

Promote reuse, recycling, community development and social inclusion

Demonstrating the value of reuse, recycling and community through awareness campaigns, data and facilitating access to services

Support for members

Providing an effective and coordinated national network to drive sustainable policies and practices, strengthen members' capacity and grow the sector

Education and awareness raising

Raising the profile of the sector with a broad range of stakeholders through traditional and other media

Representing the sector at national level

Working with key stakeholders in relation to government policy and decision-making around reuse and recycling, social enterprise and green jobs

Promoting research

Facilitating or conducting research in order to help overcome barriers to reuse

Networking and links

Developing and strengthening links with relevant national and international organisations in order to better convey our message


As a member of CRNI you benefit from being part of Ireland’s only reuse and recycling network. You are provided with opportunities to:

  • have your voice heard at a national and international level through policy and campaigns
  • engage in networking, training and new business opportunities
  • obtain access to information on funding opportunities, events and conferences
  • participate in or support research that will help overcome key barriers.

To find out more about CRNI membership, please see our membership policy here.

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@ZeroWasteFestival looks fantastic this weekend @SmallchangesIE can wait to attend - great programme too #reusehttps://t.co/Obs5NJYCjH

CRNIreland @CRNIreland
February 23, 2018 @ 2:36PM

RT @ZeroWasteFest: ...aaand the banner is up! Join us on Sunday in @ABC_Drumcondra for the #SpringClean #ZeroWasteFestival! The event runs…

CRNIreland @CRNIreland
February 23, 2018 @ 2:33PM

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