SMILE Resource Exchange is Ireland’s national industrial symbiosis programme providing a platform for organisations to identify synergies whereby an unwanted resource (waste) in one organisation can be utilised as a resource in another.

The service has evolved over the past number of years and this year, will provide a comprehensive three-pronged approach to supporting symbiosis including website exchanges, hotline support and technical support.

Website: Simple, fast exchanges are supported through the SMILE website

Hotline Support: The SMILE team are on hand to support organisations in finding quick solutions for rehoming resources including e.g. office furniture and equipment and to answer questions related to resource exchange opportunities. The team has an extensive contact list of over 10,000 potential recipients to match with unwanted resources. Contact Michelle or Katherine on 026 20520 or [email protected].

Technical Support: In 2018 there will be two levels of support available:

  • Level One: 1:1 phone support will be provided by consultants to assist with technical queries or in finding reuse outlets for unwanted streams.
  • Level Two: Consultants are available to work more closely with  companies to develop specific resource exchange related projects helping to navigate the challenges surrounding certain waste streams.  Conditions apply and an application process for this support will open shortly (expressions of interest welcome).

Please note SMILE Exchange (via Macroom E) has issued a tender today to establish a Framework Agreement for the technical support services here.

  • March 8, 2018

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Our funders

EPA Circular Economy Programme

CRNI supports its members and works to mainstream reuse thanks to core funding provided by the EPA under the Circular Economy Programme.

For more information about the programme see here.

Project Funding

Waste Regions Logos

Green + Social Virtual Trade Fair

CRNI’s Green + Social Virtual Trade Fair is funded by Ireland’s Regional Waste Management Plan Offices. This innovative virtual platform is open 24/7 and gives visitors the opportunity to explore green and social procurement opportunities provided by reuse, repair and recycling social enterprises and community-based organisations across Ireland.

Access the Green + Social Virtual Trade Fair here.

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